All bookings are confirmed only on full payment.




The invoice is required to be paid into Expedition Bali.Tours Indonesian or Australian bank account before the tour is taken. A “deposit” signals to us your intention to complete the booking at a future date; the booking is not confirmed when depsit is paid. When the tour is paid in full the tour is confirmed.



1. To the extent permitted by law, Expedition Bali.Tours is not responsible in case of any damage or loss of personal item during the tour.

2. Expedition Bali.Tours will not be responsible for loss or damage arising from a participant’s failure to obey Expedition Bali.Tours tour guide safety instructions or from any pre-existing medical or psychological condition. 

3. Expedition Bali.Tours uses contractors for transfer drivers to and from guest accommodation. Expedition Bali.Tours and its chosen insurance companies are not responsible for your safety and well being whilst in the services of a professional driver that contracts to Expedition Bali.Tours. Please take up your insurance concerns with the professional contract drivers insurance company, if any.

4. Expedition Bali.Tours uses contractors for Tour Guides and Tour Drivers. Expedition Bali.Tours and its chosen insurance companies are not responsible for any misfortunate event that may have been caused by the driver or tour guide whilst on an Expedition Bali.Tours Tour.

5. Expedition Bali.Tours doesn’t own the unique Isuzu D-Max. We do however maintain, upgrade and service the vehicle. If there is any injury caused through negligence to the vehicle in the form of not servicing and maintaining the vehicle to be fit for purpose and road worthy, we have insurance for this. However, if injury is caused through skylarking and the vehicle just happened to be the item being used for skylarking, please take up your grievance with your own travel insurance company.

6. Expedition Bali.Tours in its most basic form is a Tour Management Company. We organise tours, we are not tour operators.



Participant photographs taken with their own camera are their own property, and can be used how they see fit. If the said pictures are sent to Expedition Bali.Tours for any reason what so ever, expect that those photos will be made public on (but not limited too) social media, websites, and advertising banners, and will remain copyright to Expedition Bali.Tours Photographs taken by Expedition Bali.Tours may only be used or reproduced by participants for private or domestic purposes and must not be used for any commercial purpose, including promotion of any supplier products or services, without Expedition Bali.Tours prior written permission. If “you” appear in a photo used by Expedition Bali.Tours and you were not paid to be in the photos, or you didn’t pay to be on a tour with Expedition Bali, we will remove the photo on your request in writing to:  


For any further queries, please contact us at